We build them
better safer stronger


We use only the best – like quality plastics and undiluted, uncompromised materials.

We assemble everything – and make sure it works perfectly before it ships.

  • 100% checkpoints at multiple stations during manufacturing – on every single product
  • 100% assembly and disassembly – of every single product
  • Continuous, random multi-point inspections
  • …all to make sure everything works perfectly for mums and dads

Our Exclusive Government Certified Crash Test Facility
utilizes the most accurate technology for crash simulation. This aids in development and manufacturing of car seats offering ultimate quality, precision and structural integrity.

We put every piece of every product through extreme testing – like over 60k test tracks and over 50km/hr crash test.

I’m tested to extreme temperatures – just in case I’m used on the North Pole – or on the equator

I’m crushed, bumped, dropped and shaken over 14,000 times – just in case my delivery guy is in a hurry

I’m tested to 12 extreme types of terrain – just in case my parents are rock climbers

I’m tested against sandpaper and sand – just in case I’m a beach baby

I’m tested by rolling over 60km – so I can go the distance

I’m tested to be free of any chemical imaginable – just in case Junior likes to chew

I’m opened and closed 3,000 times during testing – because we know the weather changes often