When Should I Start With Solids?

Weaning is the transition from milk to solid food.  Usually we start at around 4-6 months.

Baby Central: Setting Up For A New Baby

Newborn Baby Buying Checklist Shopping for your new baby is exciting, and a little bit daunting. There’s no moment more delightful than holding up your first teeny, tiny baby outfit and imagining your new bundle of joy all snuggled up inside. But it can be challenging to know just what you should buy for your… Read more »

Look Back Longer

The latest research indicating that facing a child backwards in a car is safer.   WHY LOOK BACK?

Feeding Frenzy! Getting Them To Eat – Highchairs

Children love the security of a routine. With feeding, the objective is for the child to learn to associate their high chair with happy mealtimes. Since the child is a creature of habit and needs certainty you may want to create a sort of daily tradition. Establish a precise place at home where meal and snack-times… Read more »

Coping With Twins

Having twins brings double the joy as well as double the work. After the joy of their arrival – reality hits with all its force. The problem for the mother is the fatigue of having two babies to look after, everything is doubled; but don’t be discouraged. Try to prepare for life’s little emergencies. The best... Read more »


The daily walk is not just a pleasant pastime but also a valuable source of stimulation and new experiences for the child. Being able to stay outdoors and enjoy the healthy fresh air and a little bit of sunlight is entertaining, it stimulates observation and can relieve the ‘boredom’ of being inside. Children like to… Read more »


With a pram travel system you can connect your infant carrier to your stroller quickly and easily to enjoy getting out and about with your baby. So just how does a travel system work ? Question: What is a Baby Travel System? Answer: A pre-packaged set that includes: A baby stroller An infant car seat... Read more »


Mum, look at me! A few weeks after the birth you can already see the first “social interaction” of the child. Around two months old, in fact, little one is increasingly awake and communicating with mom and dad using his eyes. Gradually they begin to reciprocate smiles and make their voices heard, pay attention when… Read more »